Here are a few videos that I did in my shop in the Summer of 2012 for Andreas Eastman and Eastman Winds, and a new one on How To Pick Your First Clarinet to Rent or Buy.

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Mr. Eastman, and his team of Ralph Torres, and Ari Baron, for the opportunity to share this information with you. I highly endorse the Eastman brand and especially the highest quality of reeds and that great 42nd St. sax.

These videos are tutorials on the technique of woodwind playing as such, but are a series of thoughts that you might not have considered or discussed with a teacher. The earlier you can understand and implement this information, the faster your development will be, because your job of learning will be made easier.

Needless to say, these videos only touch “the tip of the iceberg” when it comes to all of the knowledge required to understand the art of music, along with woodwind mouthpieces, clarinet barrels and bells, and ligatures, the usual aftermarket additions for  any advanced woodwind musician. I think however that each video will give you enough information to improve your knowledge and development as a musician.

It's my hope that these videos will act as a catalyst for action on your part in learning more about the subject matter, and of course we would appreciate your business, if the messages are meaningful to you.

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Enjoy !


1 Practicing

2 Listening by Mike Vaccaro

3 Mouthpiece Professionals by Mike Vaccaro

4 Parts of a Woodwind Mouthpiece by Mike Vaccaro

5 Purpose of a Mouthpiece by Mike Vaccaro

6 How to Select a Mouthpiece by Mike Vaccaro

7 Reed Basics by Mike Vaccaro

8 Reed Concepts by Mike Vaccaro

9 Reed Adjustment by Mike Vaccaro

10 Ligatures by Mike Vaccaro

11 Purpose of Ligatures by Mike Vaccaro

12 Barrels and Bells Mike Vaccaro

13 Questions Answered by Mike Vaccaro


Additional Videos:

How To Pick Your First Clarinet to Rent or Buy

These are but a few of the many videos regarding woodwind instruments and the music business available at MikeVaccaro.com.